SWAT Kats Music - Original Score

The following are new exports taken from the original 1993/94 DAT production tapes of the score/background music for SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron.

"Clean" Music Tracks after 30 Years…

The DAT TapesRecording backups from 1993/94Provided to SWATKATS.info by Randall Crissman, these tracks have never been heard in their original versions without the overlapping sound effects or dialog from their respective episode's airings. These backup "safety" recordings were thought to be long lost until Crissman rediscovered them among his many boxes of archived work.

Comments From Randall Crissman:

They are only MP3s but they sound OK. I might add some more at some point. They are fun to listen to but I wish some of the mixes sounded better. Lo-tech 90’s gear!

The Tracks

Nine tracks have been recovered so far, from both seasons one and two of the show, with notable entries from The Giant Bacteria and A Bright and Shiny Future, along with Dark Kat's and the Metallikats's themes.

  • SK9303-8 Big Trouble This was used in the Turbokat launching sequence from "The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice." Download
  • SK9301-1 Giant Bacteria Open This was mainly used during the air combat scene with Morbulus in "The Giant Bacteria" with portions also used in other episodes. Download
  • SK9302-5 Metallikat Express The Metallikats's theme, first used in the episode "The Metallikats" with recurring use throughout the series. Download
  • SK9303-16 Volcano Action guitar theme used throughout the series. Download
  • SK9304-24 Mayor Manx Mayor Manx's theme, used throughout the series. Download
  • SK9305-17 Drop Bomb Used in "The Wrath of Dark Kat," portions of this are used throughout the series for Dark Kat's theme. Download
  • SK9401-2 Pastmaster vs SWAT Kats Sound suite for "A Bright and Shiny Future," with portions reused for other season two episodes. Download
  • SK9401-4 Robots Attack SWAT Kats Continued sound suite for "A Bright and Shiny Future," the theme of the "Bad Future." Download
  • SK9304-23 Resolve Used at the end of "The Wrath of Dark Kat." The episode production number for this track doesn't match-up with the episode it was used in - it's possible it was repurposed during editing, or mislabeled on the tape. Download

The Credits

Randall Crissman

Regarding the credits for the score, Randall Crissman provided the following details:

...for the underscore, each composer played all of the instruments on their own cues. So for the cues I posted, I am playing all of the guitars, synths, bass and drum programming. (Proper credit for these cues might be: Composed and performed by Randall Crissman.) John Zuker, Matt Muhoberac and Nick Brown all did the same on their cues. We all worked in our own home studios. Since John and Matt were busy scoring The Addams Family at the time, the largest chunk of the SK score was done by me, followed by Nick. John did some great scoring on SK as well and I honestly don’t know how much Matt did.

For the themes: Matt and John composed the season 1 theme and programmed the orchestral opening. I played all of the lead guitars and Nick played all of the rhythm guitars. It was a live recording session at a studio on Cahuenga, but Nick and I both did some overdubs as well. I can’t remember who played bass and drums. John composed and performed the season 2 theme pretty much by himself in his home studio if I remember correctly.

SWAT Kats 25 Year Music Reunion

In 2018, SWATKATS.info gathered Randall Crissman, John Zuker and SWAT Kats Co-Creators Christian and Yvon Tremblay for a "Musical Reunion" for the 25th Anniversary of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, where they played the show's season opener themes and gave a great backstory to the origins of the show's unique music and delved into the performances of the SK fandom.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to SWAT Kat's original musician Randall Crissman for locating these DAT tapes and recovering the music for SWATKATS.info for this online presentation. Make sure to visit his website to listen to more of his awesome work!